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About Me

The Story Behind

Hi/Bonjour/Hola/Mbote (to all my fellow Congolese) and in many other beautiful languages on how someone is welcomed, I'm Gladness and I am so excited to have you here with me. I recently graduated from uni and have joined the working world; which is a transition in itself! I am also the Production Leader and one of the Youth Leaders at my local church, 'Life Church Leicester'. My hobbies include: reading, watching movies, editing, travelling (when I can), being in nature (when it's not cold), spending time with my family and friends, eating and trying new cuisines and socialising (was never a people person but God had other plans and in hindsight, I thank Him for this).

I have had the prompting of starting this blog for a while but I felt inadequate, too young, not knowledgeable enough and unworthy of this task God had placed on my heart. But then I thought to myself, "I could be standing in the way of someone encountering God or someone who could be looking for that encouraging word". Plus, the Holy Spirit convicted me and said it wasn't about me! (Ouch). All of these brought me to launch "Unashamedly Following Christ". The Christian walk is a journey in itself which I want to share with you. I am in no way perfect but my hope through this is to show that you are never too young, too old or too 'far gone' for God to use, but in fact, as you are inviting God into your life and living out the word, you are growing, becoming more like Christ and reflecting Him! So, I invite you to explore this blog and be encouraged.

Feel free to get in touch either via the 'get in touch' function or via Instagram @unashamedlyfollowingchrist . 

I would love to get to know you and cheer you on! 
Lots of Love, 
Gladness Xxx.

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