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Be Ready For What You Pray For

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

First of, I just want to say hello again!!! I realised I have been away for waaaaayyyy too long and I am sooooo sorry for that! I hope you are all well and ready for the Christmas break. I cannot believe we are so close to welcoming 2022 and I pray as we are getting ready to rest, we also use that time to reflect on the year. We have been surrounded with chaos and things going on in our lives, but let's give God praise for keeping us and providing us with what we needed!


During my break (which was meant to be for a few weeks but basically felt like 10 years lol), I learnt a lot; about God as I challenged myself to delve deeper into His word but also about myself . One of the things I really want to share is 'being ready for what you pray for'.

Now this might sound so obvious but I think sometimes, (especially for myself), when I pray about things, I subconsciously put a timeline on the request and tell myself that God will answer it in the future. This is sometimes the case because He has the bigger picture and makes things happen in the right time. But other times, He replies straightaway.

(I can think of many situations where God has showed up! Pause and do the same! Do this so it serves as a reminder for you to help you remember the times God came through)

So, I had prayed for an opportunity to share His word to someone during a worship night we were doing at my church. And when I tell you God delivered, He delivered and I was taken aback. He literally said to me, "here you go!". This is where the ready part comes in. I then tried to reason with God as to why I didn't want to do it straight away. I had prayed that prayer and expected it to happen during the next coming weeks but He had other plans and one thing to always keep in mind is that He doesn't want to hurt you or trip you up! He gives us these opportunities so we can actually grow in our belief and faith in Him. He also gives us these opportunities because it should solidify and reaffirm what we actually believe about our God.

So, I say all this to say that you should be ready for what you pray for - He is listening and always is. Also as you read this, I want you to think about the opportunities God had given you to share His word, think about the promises and words He has spoken over you and be ready for it to come to pass. Regardless of how long it may take, take delight in the fact He has spoken and be ready for what He said He will do.

But what are you doing in the season of waiting? What are you feeding your spirit? Is it even getting fed? (tough question to ask but absolutely necessary to ask yourself and be honest about it). Sometimes, we can be our own greatest set back and obstacle.

Remember, God doesn't need your help to make what He wants to happen take place. But, He is watching you to see how you're spending your time as you wait. For example, if there are things He has pointed out to you that needs to go, let them go! Ask Him to help you not to go back to those things/environments etc, and He will.

One thing I have decided to do is not to do some things my way as I go into 2022. Isn't it just so tiring and confusing to do things your way and in your own strength? I can definitely say that it is and I don't want to take a step before consulting God first. This is something we should all aspire to do and to keep doing.

Some tips:

  1. Prayer is a dialogue - as you're talking to God, He is talking to you as well.

  2. Write down your conversations with God so you can look back on it when it gets hard or as a praise report. I look back at my journals and I sometimes wonder why I was feeling that way and I thank God for hindsight and for those low times because I see growth!

  3. As you are using God's guidance to make some changes, fill those spaces with goodness. Ask God to help you fill those spaces and He will.

  4. Don't give God a timer - He will step in at the right time and it is always, always perfect.

  5. He is a promise keeper and a faithful God - Remember that.

  6. Be ready for what you pray for.

I love you guys and pray you all have a good week. I will see you in the next post, so until then...

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