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Be Still

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

“Be still and know

That the Lord is in control

Be still, my soul Stand and watch as giants fall

I won't be afraid for You are here You silence all my fear I won't be afraid, You don't let go Be still my heart and know”

Hillsong Worship - Be Still


Whereabouts are you? How is your spirit doing?

Are you at your wits end?

Who are you turning to and who is in control?

Recently, I have been learning to completely let go and let God. I’ve also learnt and still learning to be still in the midst of chaos.

This post is on encouragement. I encourage you all to speak up. God knows how you feel but YOU need to acknowledge how you feel in the first place and realise you can’t do everything on your own (this has been my recent season). And sometimes we might not realise that we’ve gone too far in our own strength. We think we are taking God along with us but we then get to the burn-out stage which is your breaking point.

So, bear all at the feet of Jesus and be honest.

Find someone who you completely trust to talk to - we are called to fellowship with others!

And the funny thing is that the Holy Spirit will sometimes bring that person to you unknowingly to them, and it is a blessing. (this has always been the case for me)

One of my dearest friends and sister said to me, which I think we all know as Christians but sometimes forget, that when you are on the right path or when God is leading you, you are growing and that sometimes breeds friction. The friction happens when your old self is still trying to surface and takeover but God is bringing out a newer you to suit the next season He is taking you to. It will feel uncomfortable but I implore you not to fight it.

Another thing I want to encourage you on is to thank God for his visions and it is such a blessing when God reveals things to us either about ourselves or for someone else. Often times when it’s for someone else, they might have already had a different vision and needed yours to fit the whole image from God. This is where you ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

So to conclude (moving like it’s an essay 😂),

•we need the Holy Spirit all the time. We were given Him to do life with. • Our relationship with God is not transactional - we need to stop using Him or going to Him when we think we need to but rather go to Him all the time.

•Bottling things up in your heart is not beneficial to you - speak to God and find accountability (accountability doesn’t have to be a whole group of people)

• The mind is a literal battlefield. When you’re doubting, feed those doubts with the word of God. See what God says about you

Be still and know that the Lord is in control.

Amen ❤️

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