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Love At First Sight... or Working On It?

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are all well! I have missed this community so much and I am back now for the umpteenth time this year (lol). I will be doing a life update video on the YouTube channel so if you're not yet subscribed, please make sure you do so you don't miss this update and be in the loop of the other videos I make on the channel.

Today's encouragement is short and sweet and it is something I experienced a while ago and I want to encourage us all with it. So grab a cuppa, a blanket, find a nice spot and read on!


Have you fallen in love?

I'm sure your mind subconsciously thought of this in a relationship sense, which it is! But I mean have you fallen in love with the bible?

This is a question I felt in my spirit and it came to me whilst I was doing my usual breakfast with Jesus on Saturdays. I was doing some studying and writing on pursuing a friendship with Jesus and a section I wrote before my brain could catch up was, "one of the ways we can pursue a friendship with Jesus is by living by the word". As Christians we know this word is the bible.

Hence the question; have you fallen in love with the bible?

The exciting thing about studying the bible is every time I do so, I feel like I'm new to the faith all over again, which I've come to learn is not a bad thing. Yes, we're meant to be maturing and letting what we study, read etc, bear fruit which is very crucial and important. But why I say it's not a bad thing is because it shows and we should never get to a place of thinking there's nothing else to learn or there's nothing else the Holy Spirit can reveal to you, because that is a lie from the pit of hell and it is a dangerous place to be.

Having a teachable heart means being humble and acknowledging the fact that we constantly need to be taught. We constantly need Jesus. We need Him because we follow Him and it's a journey that is meant to take place with Him, not away from Him.

"Followers of Christ means followers of Christ. Especially as this new life we have been given is IN Him"

Learn to fall in love with the bible. This is a journey I am on myself and trust me when I say that there are days where I can't be bothered or sometimes because I know myself, I know what the bible is going to say and being in that space of mind, I purposefully don't go to the bible. (which is obviously not a good attitude to have).

This doesn't mean be in your bible 24/7 because God knows we have lives and responsibilities etc, but don't neglect your spiritual life. Discipline yourself to make sure you're feeding your spirit and this can happen in many ways. In time, it will become a fibre of your being. And be on guard because the enemy will see you trying and will want to stop you but keep pressing on. If you fall, that is fine! Have your moment but get back up and the enemy's voice alongside the world's voice will become fainter whilst God's voice becomes louder and clearer.

And just to end, fall in love with God. Not just for what He provides, but for who He is. Worship Him, Praise Him, Magnify His name because He deserves it. Be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the fact that you follow Christ.

"But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved" Hebrews 10:39

Love you guys!!!!

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