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No Longer Slaves

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

"I'm no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

I'm no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God..

You split the sea so I could walk right through it

My fears are drowned in perfect love

You rescued me so I can stand and say

I am a child of God"

No longer slaves - Bethel Music, Jonathan & Melissa Helser


Do you believe the above statement?

This is something God was telling me about a while ago. I got to a point where I was just singing the words of a song but not really processing what I was actually saying. I feel most of us have been through this stage where we were just singing but not worshiping.

I often say this to myself and to my friends that we probably don't really grasp the words we sing when we praise and worship God. If we know who God is for ourselves then surely we should believe the words we sing.

Those above words "I'm no longer a slave to fear" is a declaration I implore you to speak over yourselves. I'm sure we have all being in situations where we felt fear and attacked by the enemy. The enemy will try to make you believe you are inadequate, unworthy and I am sure we have all believed him at times. But God wants you! He sent His son to die for you on the cross and he paid the price. LOVE

A love that surpasses all understanding. A love that knows no bounds is what God has bestowed upon us. He rescued us so we can stand and say we are his children. And we are His children.

So then I leave you with this question to ask yourself: are you equipped with the whole armor of God? Are you still pursuing a relationship with God? Are you poised and ready for when He calls your name?

So, Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for who you are in our lives. Thank you for loving us, protecting us, saving us and for never taking your eyes off of us. I pray for us all that we will remain rest assured of your love for us. Sometimes LORD, life gets in the way, our minds get in the way and the enemy gets in the way. But I pray Lord that when we are in the midst of trials or feeling down, that we will fix our eyes on you. That we will praise you in the midst of our sorrows and rejoicing and be safe in the knowledge that we serve a living God.

The devil has no place in our minds and lives, I pray for every foothold the devil thinks he has to be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I pray that everyday, we will choose you. We will choose to not only start and end the day with you, but to also have you as the foundation of our day to day lives. Thank you Lord. You are a Good father and we honour and bless your holy name, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Have a good week everyone!

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