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Perfect love

Hello beautiful people! Happy Friday! It’s the weekend and I wanted to come with an encouragement for us all.

Recently, I’ve been feeling uneasy but I’ve not been able to pinpoint what was making me feel this way. Then, during an impromptu worship session, I was praying and through the help of the Holy Spirit, I just started blurting out to God how I was feeling and the song, ”Perfect Love” by Kingdom Culture Worship started playing and as I was listening to the words, I started crying... because I felt peace.

God literally speaks anyway. There is no one way God chooses to speak and in this moment for me, He spoke through this song reminding me that His love can drive out fear and any other feelings we have. Being in God’s presence is the most calming place we can be as believers and that is a space where we can just lay it bare at His feet. And the amazing part is that He welcomes us like that and wants to leave His presence feeling free.

We are his beloved. He calls us his sons and daughters and He cares about everything we do. So, I don’t know how your week has been or your day, but when you come across this, I want to remind you of whose you are.

You are a child of God. He calls you by name. You are not defined by your past or your current job title, life situation etc. Instead you are defined by your father in heaven who knitted you perfectly in your mother’s womb and has amazing plans for your life. He loves you so much and wants you to always come to Him, even when you mess up. Still go to Him.

When fear or any other negative thoughts and feelings come up, send faith to the door. Perfect love drives out fear.

Be encouraged and have an amazing weekend or weekday. ♥️

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