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Stop Being In A Hurry

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

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Happy Thursday everyone! A bit of a story time:

Recently, I’ve been feeling really rushed with my schedule. Even my daily talks with God felt rushed- although I start and end the day with God, I had let God slip to the back of my mind and my priorities needed re-arranging.

When you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, He points this moments out to you and we should be so grateful we have our own personal guide who wants to correct you and help you stay on track.

And I wonder if anyone else has felt that way? I think we probably never realise how much a difference it makes to have God at the centre of our daily lives! There is an unexplainable peace that overcomes you and you become focused and attentive.


With the prospects of a possible end to lockdown, we are all probably feeling excited but maybe a bit nervous and anxious of what the world will look like.

But I am here to implore you as the Lord said to me, “Take each day as it comes and do not be in a hurry”. One of my church pastors recently spoke on a topic called “The Way Out”. One of his points was how the fear of the future can be intimidating that we long for “how things were”. We long for a sense of how it was and this in itself is not helpful. We probably had issues during life pre-COVID so wanting to go back is not the answer.

God wants you to grow and part of that growth is being stretched and taken into places we’ve never been before.

So, let’s be equipped with the word of God and live it out. Let’s not be in a hurry in the presence of God.

Have a good day all ❤️❤️

#godisgood #unashamedlyfollowingchrist

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