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The Harder I Try

"Dear God, I've been trying awful hard to make you proud of me

But it seems the harder that I try, the harder it becomes

And I feel like giving up

Most of the time...

... But if I pray a little harder

If I follow all the rules

I wonder could I ever be enough"

Hello beautiful people! Hope you are all well! I have actually missed writing this intro and doing life with you guys. It's just been very hectic and being completely honest, I lost my balance.

I recently found the song to the lyrics above called 'Dear God' when I was feeling there was too much going on in life as well as in my thoughts. But the amazing thing about God which still amazes me is how He brings things into your life that either confirms how you feel or lets you know that He knows... and this song was one of those instances for me!

I came into this new year fully confident in what the Lord spoke over me and what I felt in my spirit and I knew this year was a year of becoming for me. Well, little did I know that God was definitely going to bring things into fruition as well as prune away all He knew I didn't need to bring with me any further into 2023.

One of those things was a specific narrative I had carried with me for over 8 years and He basically said to me, "this needs to stop now" and to say I was so scared to let go is an understatement. I feared people's reactions including family and just how I believed my life was gonna change if I did let go.

God striked yet again by His gentle promptings and through His help only, I let go of the narrative and I have never felt so free. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder and I could finally breathe. And that is what God wants for you. He wants you to breathe and walk your path burden free.

I have never fully understood the verse that speaks about "casting our burdens unto Him and He will sustain us and how He will never let the righteous be shaken (Psalms 55:22 AMP)" until this specific incident happened.

I knew the negative thoughts I was having was being fueled by the enemy and I nearly gave into it. But I knew deep down that I wanted to be free.

So I say all this to say, God's plans are not to harm us. He knows us and sees into our future and He helps us daily to become the person He created and knows we can become. Listen to His promptings and know that He will take care of you no matter the outcome of whatever situation or circumstance you are facing. It is always for our good. As we are becoming, there are certain things that the Lord sees would not be beneficial to us in the next season He takes us into... so let go.

So I don't know what season you are in right now but be rest assured that you are not alone and these are God's words to you:

"Dear child, I hope you know how much I love you and I'm proud of you

Please believe the thoughts I have for you will never change or fade away

When you felt like giving up, I never did

Cause I'm not scared of imperfections

Or the questions in your head

Just know that you have always been enough...

... Every how, every why

I was right there listening

So just fall into the mystery

And I'll meet you here in the melody..."

Ask God what you either need to let go of or accept into your life.

Love you all and I pray you have a good end to the week.

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